Fansub Review: [GFE] Girls Bravo – Episode 03

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_00.12_[2013.02.23_01.02.30]It’s been while since I posted something, so here’s what I’ve been up to.

My friend was bugging me to watch Girls Bravo (it’s his favorite anime or something), so I went ahead and downloaded it from BakaBT. It’s from 2004, so I didn’t think there was any other place to download it from. The show was pretty mediocre in my opinion, but I digress. The real issue were the subs. They were absolutely awful. I was expecting a little more from a site that only provides “the best versions.” BakaBT’s quality policies are a load of crap, but that’s another topic. I don’t plan on writing reviews frequently since they take way too much work, but once in a while it’s fine. Why am I writing this review? It’s mainly to show my friend why I enjoyed Girls Bravo even less than I should have. Anyway, here I go!

Release Information:

  • Anime: Girls Bravo: First Season
  • Group: German Fan Edits [GFE]
  • File Name: [GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E]
  • File Size: 236 MB
  • Video: Xvid 640×480 23.976fps
  • Audio: Vorbis 48000Hz stereo
  • Note: There are two subtitle tracks, English and German.
  • Group Website: Link
  • Anime Info: MAL | AniDB | Wikipedia
  • Download: Batch


[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_01.26_[2013.02.23_01.03.57]The top line is the kfx and the bottom line is the English translation. The English lines in the karaoke have the same font as the main script font, so you can tell they really loved that font.¬†Another thing to note is their amazing typesetting in the middle of the screen. They love themselves so much that they told us their group name twice. What’s more? They even gave us the link to their website! Now I can click my screen and visit their page!

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_01.37_[2013.02.23_01.04.22][GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_01.42_[2013.02.23_01.04.30]The font switched from regular to italics for no reason. Also, you don’t need to capitalize after a colon.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_02.40_[2013.02.23_01.05.59]That’s a comma splice.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_03.45_[2013.02.23_01.07.07]You have,om the best editing ever!

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_03.56_[2013.02.23_01.07.30]That comma is not really needed.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_04.04_[2013.02.23_01.07.43]Take that comma from the last shot and put it in before “and” here.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_04.20_[2013.02.23_01.09.19]I don’t even know what to say.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_04.33_[2013.02.23_01.09.35]I’d love to sue you for your incompetence.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_05.37_[2013.02.23_01.11.08]You normally need to get naked to change. This is shot at the MC’s stupidity. I believe GFE has this line TL’d correctly.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_05.50_[2013.02.23_01.11.26][GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_05.54_[2013.02.23_01.11.40]What’s the point of having both an English and German subtitle track if you’re gonna pull this shit?

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_05.55_[2013.02.23_01.11.46]I Love Your Capitalization.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_05.59_[2013.02.23_01.11.52]I Also Love…Your Spacing.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_06.00_[2013.02.23_01.11.56]I Love Your…CAPITALIZATION!

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_06.14_[2013.02.23_01.12.14]This is too wordy. “blood is coming out of your mouth” would suffice.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_06.16_[2013.02.23_01.12.20]Another comma splice to add to the tally. There’s a lot, so I won’t comment on them anymore.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_07.06_[2013.02.23_01.13.15]Why did you do thAT? (Note: Two different people are talking)

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_08.06_[2013.02.23_01.14.38]They’re pretty awful at using commas. The comma in question is the one in the pink line.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_08.17_[2013.02.23_01.14.56]Another incorrectly placed comma. You only use a comma between two clauses.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_08.18_[2013.02.23_01.15.09]Ladies and gentlemen, the “best version.”

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_08.56_[2013.02.23_01.16.00]She only says “Hai,” so this line looks incredibly awkward.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_09.05_[2013.02.23_01.16.14]I think they overdid it.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_09.07_[2013.02.23_01.17.18]The little toy she’s holding is talking at the same time she is. The timing for the two are incredibly out of place. They don’t match up at all, and the font colors were swapped accidentally (the blondie is supposed to have yellow font, yet she has white font here).

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_09.42_[2013.02.23_01.18.00]No one talks like that. Not in English at least. “I wanted to thank him for helping me enroll in this school.”

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_10.56_[2013.02.23_01.19.18][GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_11.03_[2013.02.23_01.19.28]The top line in the first image was mistimed. It was supposed to be timed to the second image.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_11.34_[2013.02.23_01.20.20][GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_11.37_[2013.02.23_01.20.25]There is countdown starting from five and ending at zero here. Someone thought it was a good idea to switch from numerals to words. It’s a good rule of thumb to write out numbers when you can, especially if it’s less than twenty.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_12.21_[2013.02.23_01.21.23][GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_12.23_[2013.02.23_01.21.27]The first problem is that the line in the first image doesn’t make a lot of sense. The second problem is that the first image is in italics while the second image isn’t. She doesn’t stop talking or change her tone, so there’s absolutely no reason to change from italics to regular font. There’s no reason to use italics in the first place.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_12.53_[2013.02.23_01.22.05]This ist the worst.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_12.57_[2013.02.23_01.22.12]“There’s no mistaking it” is what he’s actually saying.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_12.58_[2013.02.23_01.22.21][GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_13.01_[2013.02.23_01.22.27]Why are there only two periods? It hurts.. Also.. I don’t even know what he’s trying to say in the first image.. Apparently capitalization doesn’t matter either.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_13.14_[2013.02.23_01.22.59]That’s no way to start a sentence first of all. Second of all, you need a comma before “which.” Finally, the “the” before “even” is not needed. Unless you’re trying to drive people insane with the even the slightest mistake.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_14.31_[2013.02.23_01.24.51]This isn’t translated correctly. From the context, the girl has been missing for a while. This translation suggests that she only went missing that morning. Also, using “find” and “missing” together is so awkward. Who would even word it that way?

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_17.15_[2013.02.23_01.27.56]Hell yeah, best version!

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_17.17_[2013.02.23_01.28.07]This is just bad. It not only doesn’t make sense, but it also has a syntax error!


[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_17.39_[2013.02.23_01.28.38]Double dash. What a great game.


[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_21.42_[2013.02.23_01.32.59]Seriously, it wasn’t a good idea.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_22.26_[2013.02.23_01.33.46]What the hell is this? at.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_22.30_[2013.02.23_01.33.52]Spoons are important, so they need to be capitalized. That’s also an awkward way to end a question.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_22.36_[2013.02.23_01.34.09]That’s not English last time I checked.

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_22.39_[2013.02.23_01.34.14]Forget prepositions and making sense! Let’s capitalize shit!

[GFE]Girls_Bravo_03_[F67E614E].mkv_snapshot_22.41_[2013.02.23_01.34.19]Yeah! Capitalizing random shit is way more fun, Sensai!


I didn’t feel like looking at the ED, but I’m assuming it’s bad. This release was awful no matter how you looked at it. It’s apparently the “best version” though, so there’s not much you can do. I don’t know what went through their heads in 2004, but GFE should have stuck to just German releases. I think Germans capitalize nouns or something, which is probably why there were so many capitalization problems.

The second season of Girls Bravo was done by Anime Yuki (AnY), so hopefully it’s better. I might review an episode from AnY’s release, but I don’t know. It was way too much work to review this episode. I don’t know how other people do it, but man was it tough.

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