Status Update: May 14th, 2012

So after Wednesday, I will have sat through and completed five exams lasting three to four hours.In other words, I sat through the SATs, the AP Chemistry exam, the AP Calculus AB exam, the AP Physics B exam, and soon, the AP Language exam. I am so goddamn drained of energy. However, after I am through with exams, papers, and the works, I will return to the fansubbing community. I’m gonna probably pick up a light novel or two to work on. I have a few translators who will probably be willing to help me. I really dislike Baka-Tsuki because of how inconsistent their work can be. After studying for the SATs and AP English, I feel like my editing skills have increased, and editing walls of text will be a perfect way of testing my ability.

Second on the list is my fansubbing career with anime. I’m actually in several different fansubbing groups under different names. This is gonna end, however. My plan is to quit every single fansub group and remain in only one or two. In these one or two groups, I plan on honing my skills and pushing out some amazing releases. Right now, I consider my self to be a more literal editor; however, my desire is to become a liberal editor. Dedication and research will be my trusty tools on this quest. Summer is the only chance I’ll have to shine this year, as I will return to hibernation when fall hits and the struggle to gain admittance into college begins.

In any case, this post is in many ways more for me than anyone else. By posting something in public, I hope to give myself motivation to act on these words. Besides, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I was archiving manga and light novels before, hoping to share them with the community, but now is the time to start anew. I’m dropping all my previous plans in order to look forward to these future goals.

P.S. Your playback setup probably sucks, and there happens to be an awesome guide nearby…

P.P.S. New theme. It sucks that you can’t make the theme wider for free :/

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