Guide: MPC-HC + LAV Filters + xy-VSFilter + madVR

On my quest for the best video playback, I asked my good friend SoupRKnowva to help me out. I’m horrible with technical stuff, so I thought it was best to take tips from someone with more knowledge. Now that Soup helped me set up my video player, it’s time to give back to the community and post a guide. All credit for this setup belongs to SoupRKnowva. For reference, my PC is running Windows 7 64-bit. This guide is a pretty close copy of what I was told to do, so it’s probably more helpful for me than anyone else. I can’t comment on anything else.

Part 1: Preparation

Download the following items:

*Up to date as of July 9, 2013

(Warning: These items may be out of date. You should be able to grab the latest release on each of those sites, so don’t worry.)

Note: This setup will not support chaptered files or screenshots (As of the latest updates of MPC and madVR, screenshots are now possible). What I mean by chaptered files is that they have the OP/ED cut out of the file. If chaptered files really bother you, you can download the latest release of Haali Media Splitter and install it. It will work in place of LAV’s splitter. If you want to switch back to LAV splitter while you have Haali Media Splitter installed, just add Haali Media Splitter to your preference list in your External Filters section and set it to “block” or uninstall it. (See step 6 in Part 3: Configuration for details.)

Part 2: Installation

Note: Click on the images to enlarge them.

1. Uninstall what you currently have. This might be your CCCP, K-Lite, and so on.

2. Install the MPC-HC (x86) you downloaded in Part 1. Note that madVR is only compatible with (x86).

3. Install the LAV Filters you downloaded in Part 1. While installing this, you’ll need to check the (x86) options because you are using MPC-HC (x86):

4. Create a new folder named “madVR” and  move it to the root of your MPC-HC directory. The default location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Media Player Classic – Home Cinema”.

5. Extract the contents of the you downloaded in Part 1 into the madVR folder you created in step 4. It should look like this:

6. Execute the “install.bat” file located in the madVR directory. For reference:

7. NOTE: The installer version of VSFilters will install in a different location, so it needs to be registered in where it was installed. Extract the VSFilter.7z file you downloaded in Part 1, and you’ll get a “VSFilter.dll” file. Open to “C:\Windows\SysWOW64” and move the “VSFilter.dll” into the root of this directory. For reference:

8. Now, open your command prompt as admin and paste this: C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\SysWOW64\VSFilter.dll and hit enter. For some people, it doesn’t work when you paste it. In that case, try typing it out. It’ll look something like this (Pardon the quotation marks in the image):

After you get your “success” message, that’s it for the installation process! Congratulations! You’re almost done!

Part 3: Configuration

1. Open up “Media Player Classic” and hit “O” to open up the options. Alternatively, you can do View>Options…

2. Go to “Formats” located under “Player” and hit “Modify”, which is inside an “Association” box. After a prompt from “User Account Control”, an identical window will pop up. In this new window, hit the “Video” button, which is within the “Association” box and is where the “Modify” button used to be. After hitting “Video”, click “apply” and “okay” to return to the main options window. For reference:

3. Next, click “Playback”, uncheck “Auto-load subtitles”, and hit “apply”. For reference:

4. Now, go to “Output” under “Playback” and make sure you have “madVR” filled in. Then, hit “apply”. For reference:

5. Next, go to Internal Filters and uncheck everything and hit apply. Yes, everything:

6. Drop down to “External Filters” and click “Add Filter” in the top right. Now, you want to add “Lav Splitter”, “Lav Video Decoder”, “Lav Audio Decoder”, and “Direct Vob Sub”. For each of the filters you add, fill in the “Prefer” bubble on the right and click “apply”. For reference:

7. Double click “LAV Video Decoder” and a new window will open. Check everything under “Output Formats” in the “Video Settings” tab. Make sure you don’t have “VC-1” checked under “Codecs for HW Decoding checked”. Now, “VC-1” wasn’t even an option for me to check, but I was explicitly told not to check “VC-1”. Hit “apply” and okay” when you finish. For reference:

8. Now that you have that done, it’s time to move on to configuring the madVR settings. Open up a video and pause it. Now in the menu bar go to Play>Filters>madVR Renderer. You’ll get a small pop-up. Click “Edit Settings”. Alternatively, you can right click the madVR icon in your status bar and click “Edit madVR Settings…”.
9. Go to “decoding” under “processing” and uncheck all three options. Hit “apply”. Feel free to leave everything checked in “deinterlacing”. For reference:

10. Everyone has their own opinions on the best setup for scaling algorithms, but here’s mine: Set “chroma upscaling” to “Bicubic” with “sharpness: 75”. Then, set both “luma upscaling” and “luma downscaling” to “Spline” at “4 taps”. Visually, it looks like this:

11. Drop down under “rendering” and visit the “general settings”. Check everything except “use managed upload textures (XP only)”, “enable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode”, and “adjust queue sizes to GPU RAM size”. You can choose not check “disable desktop composition” if you find the windows color scheme changing annoying, but it’s recommended for best playback while in fullscreen. Alternatively, just turn off the warning message that windows gives when the color scheme changes. You won’t really need Aero when in full screen anyway. Then, max out the sliders and hit “apply”. Note that the CPU queue sizes maxed out are only good for people with  more high end computers. So if your computer isn’t as good, try playing around with the placement of the sliders. Visually:

12. Next, head into “exclusive mode settings” and check “present several frames in advance” and change the number of frames to “10”, then hit “apply”. Again, these settings are for more high end computers. Tone down the number of frames if your computer isn’t as good. Visually, you’ll want it looking like this:

13. Make sure you have nothing checked in the “trade quality for performance” tab. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Part 4: Epilogue

[20:36] <&SoupRKnowva> now you should be good to go
[20:36] <&SoupRKnowva> :P
[20:36] <&AzureHakua> awesome
[20:36] <&SoupRKnowva> thats as good as it gets :P
[20:37] <&SoupRKnowva> welcome to the elite

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101 responses to “Guide: MPC-HC + LAV Filters + xy-VSFilter + madVR”

  1. denialkramonkai says :

    thanks for this guide!

  2. red says :

    Cool guide… Thanks.
    Also try using DirectVobSub (Auto loading version), because external subtitles can be loaded with it. Just DirectVobSub did not load external srt files for me so i use the one mentioned.

    • nunpoom says :

      How do you get vsfilter to load external subtitles like .ass? I try DirectVobSub (Auto loading version) but it didn’t work. I try both xy-VSFilter and treaded VSFilter. None of them load external sub. And yes, all my .ass have the same name (with the same dot position) as video files. Also in VSFilter option paths, it has the usual “.”. I also try MadVR and CustomEVR Pres. Nothing freaking work.

  3. Josh says :

    i followed all the steps, but when i go to paste the command into the prompt, it tells me the module failed to load and to make sure its in the specified path. im using windows 7 64 and have confirmed the module is in the SysWOW64 folder, but it keeps on giving me the same message. every other part of the guide was correct except there wasn’t a direct sub filter, which im assuming has to do with my problem

    • Josh says :

      never mind i got it to work, i tried manually typing it in instead of copy pasting it and it worked perfectly, now the direct sub filter show up and everything is working, thx tor the excellent guide!!!

      • AzureHakua says :

        Pasting doesn’t seem to work for some people. I will update the guide to reflect this. It worked without problems for me, but a friend of mine had the same problem as you, so I guess it’s a prominent problem.

      • Mushyrulez says :

        The problem’s because some computers render the quotes as Japanese style double-character quotes which cmd can’t read, I think

    • Gh0st says :

      madVR doesn’t work with 64bit OS……

  4. cryzed says :

    What about enabling Hardware Acceleration in Step 7, e.g. NVIDIA CUVID?

  5. robertoc says :

    I can’t see the subtitles

  6. robertoc says :

    regular vsfilter work

  7. bubba says :

    i dont have sounds?

    • AzureHakua says :

      First, that’s not really a question.
      Second, that problem is most likely on your end. I didn’t upload a picture for every single step, so make sure you’re reading carefully.
      Also, make sure it’s not something stupid like not having your volume turned up or your sound settings configured properly.

    • someguy says :

      I had to disable the internal audio switch under Inter Filters -> Audio Switches to get it working.

  8. AzureHakua says :

    If you people care for a solution to your problems, try asking questions, giving in-depth explanations, and using proper English grammar. If you can’t do any of those, then I won’t be able to answer.

  9. yojig says :

    8. Now, open your command prompt as admin and paste this: C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32.exe “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\VSFilter.dll”

    if you have error registering with that just remove ” symbols in the begining and in the end of path

  10. Yan says :

    Yo, nice blog.

    I was checking out some information on queue in madVR, and here I am.
    Just a quick heads up about xy-VSFilter, the owner of the project itself said that using System32/SysWOW64 as a directory folder is not recommended, know anything about that? What problems could this cause? Or is just a recommendation?

    Thanks in advance.

    • AzureHakua says :

      Thanks. As for what problems it might cause, I’m not 100% sure, so I don’t want to give any answers. You might want to ask the project owner about that. As it stands for myself, I’ve been using this setup for the past few months, and I have had no problems.

  11. asborhen says :

    Great guide
    Everything worked perfectly for me

  12. Hello says :

    Thank you very much!! This guide fixed everything that I needed it to and more! I love you sooo much! THANK YOU!!! <33

  13. cheval says :

    thanks a lot for the guide.I got a problem though.

    when I play 10bit mkv with your guide the subtitle not showing for the most part

    the subtitle only visible in the opening and ending song.

    also the “subtitle” option when you right click the video is greyed out.

    sorry for my bad english

    • AzureHakua says :

      1) Remember that you don’t want auto-loaded subtitles, which I noted in part 3 step 3.
      2) Also, it might be a problem with the release itself.
      3) You could also try toggling your subtitles by pressing “S” while your video is open.
      4) This guide is outdated. Try updating.

  14. DarkFireBlade25 says :

    I had to get rid of the Lav audo decoder for my .mkv’s to play. Is that ok or is that a sign I did something wrong? Also, is there any way to get my videos to play smoother? or is that another problem?

    • AzureHakua says :

      I have no idea as to why your LAV Audio Decoder might cause a problem unless you are out of date, have other conflicting programs, or have not followed all the instructions carefully.

      Finally, your video player is only as strong as your computer. Like I said: feel free to mess around with some of the madVR settings to help with your playback.

  15. Seishi says :

    Great guide, thanks. I had to install 32-bit MPC-HC and LAVFilters on my 64-bit Windows 7 in order for it to work, but I have no problems with this setup so far. My only regret is not being able to take convenient screenshots with madVR, but the tradeoff is worth it; I have RAM usage through the roof using your high settings, but I can afford that. And the low CPU usage really makes a difference.

    I’m also using the SysWOW64 folder for my VSfilter.dll and it seems to do just fine.

  16. WillBeYourBroFor5Dollars says :

    I am currently using this setup but have a few small issues with it.

    1. Then image seems somehow less crisp then was it was when I was just using CCCP.

    2. When I go full screen with my player, Windows Aero turns off and switches to basic. This causes slight flickering and delay on my computer. It isn’t hindering video playback, but is however quite annoying and my inner autist is suffering.

    Thank you for this wonderful guide, you desserve everything good in life!

    • AzureHakua says :

      1) Playing around with your settings might help you there. This guide just shows you my personal setup, which I like.

      2) That will always happen if you’re going for this kind of setup. When going into fullscreen, I suggest pausing the video and going into full screen. You won’t have any problems then. Also, you should turn off the warning message that windows gives when you switch between the two modes. It’ll help.

    • Demonrising says :

      Under general settings – which is under rendering in the madVR settings – uncheck “disable desktop composition” and “use a separate device for presentation”. You should be good to go afterwards.

  17. Demonrising says :

    I can’t uncheck VC-1 when I double click the LAV Video Decoder. That area just remains grey and causes me to be unable to uncheck it.

  18. ozjef says :

    I have a problem where the OP and ED are not playing. However when I use my other computer that uses a different setup, the OP and ED do play.

    Is there a fix to this problem?

    • AzureHakua says :

      Yes. You can install the latest version of Haali Media Splitter. When you do, go back into your settings and go to External Filters (Step 6), then you’ll want to prefer Haali Media Splitter and remove LAV Splitter. LAV Splitter doesn’t support chaptered files (I assume that is the problem you are referring to). It’s really a preference, since I think LAV Splitter is better despite not being able to play chaptered videos.

      Also: Instead of removing LAV Splitter from you preference list, it’d be better if you just move it below Haali Media Splitter. That way, you’ll have both.

  19. CazinM says :

    For some reason, whenever I go to Fullscreen my system says that due to MPC-HC it has to revert to Windows 7 Basic color scheme that’s not right is it?

  20. CazinM says :

    I forgot to mention in case it matters; Processor is Phenom II X6 1100T, 16 GB RAM and my VidCard is a Radeon 6870.

  21. CazinM says :

    I’m a huge ass and I beg your forgiveness. I should have properly read the whole thread. General settings “disable desktop composition” and “use a separate device for presentation” fixes that, but now I have another question. Since it’s part of the app to disable the Dt composition, doesn’t that mean I should let it? What I mean is, does madVR disabling that composition make it “look better” when rendering/playing back?

    • AzureHakua says :

      Well, when you are in full screen mode, you don’t generally need anything else. It is my belief that disabling the composition will give full power to video playback.

  22. soloblast says :

    This is probably the least relevant question here, but:
    Where’s the cover image from? I had to ask because I was wondering if there was a higher resolution version of it available out there somewhere.

  23. pathosoftruth says :

    I find it hard to thank you enough for sharing this guide. I was forced to use VLC all of the time before as my previous set-up (for MPC-HC) was BADLY stuffing up the subtitles. I no longer have that problem.

    I will mention, however; I noticed that when I was setting up madVR with MPC-HC x64 (I use Win7 Ultimate x64), MPC threw a bit of a hissyfit, disallowing me from selecting madVR as my renderer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do think that madVR is actually only compatible with the latest x86 version of MPC-HC. If this is true, it may be an idea to include that in the instructions.

    Other system stats for reference:
    CPU: Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition
    GPU: ATi Radeon HD 4770
    RAM: Avexir 4GB (Managed to burn out my other RAM slot, unsure how)
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Display: 32″@1080i (Temporary)

    • Mushyrulez says :

      Yeah, the step that said ‘leave the default settings otherwise’ made no sense to me (leave it if you’re 64-bit? 32-bit?) and the screen that told us to check only the x86s if we’re using a 64-bit was similarly confusing (a 64-bit install? a 64-bit computer?).

      I’m pretty sure madVR only works with x86 MPC-HC, by the way, so the entire 64-bit nonsense is unnecessary…

      • AzureHakua says :

        I believe you are right, madVR is only compatible with x86. My honest mistake. I was probably not paying the keenest amount of attention when writing the guide, so I should update it.

    • AzureHakua says :

      Yes you are right. I was mistaken in that aspect. You need to have (x86). I was under the impression that you could use both, but it looks like you cannot.

  24. imbored says :

    Thank you for the guide! I just had a quick question. When you change the volume or skip to the next chapter, there’s that status bar that pops up in the top left corner and stays for a few seconds. Is there any way to disable it?

    • AzureHakua says :

      Not that I know of. When I first had this setup, it annoyed me; however, I got used to it, so now I don’t mind it at all. Currently, I find the volume pop-up to be quite convenient since I like to know how much higher the volume can go in fullscreen mode.

    • nunpoom says :

      You can turn off the mpc-hc OSD. In mpc, go to option > Player > Other > tik off Show OSD. Or you could change timing of OSD in Options > Playback > Fullscreen > Show controls in fullscreen for. Hope this is what you are talking about.

  25. drotaru says :

    i see you didnt check hardware decoding in LAV decoder ? isnit it better with it ? ( if you have a supported card that is , nvidia CUVID or DXVA . )

  26. Presea says :

    Unless I’m missing something:

    How do you mess with subtitle / audio priority after setting this up? I know in Haali you could, but I can’t find it in DirectVobSub, which I assume is doing the subtitle loading and such, judging by the entire list of processes madvr spits out.

    • pathosoftruth says :

      I’ve had a look through how mine’s set up, and I have my defaults set through LAV splitter. That seems to work for me, just using the three-letter country codes (e.g.: jpn, eng).

      • Presea says :

        Thanks :)
        I was wondering where it was hidden.. it wasn’t as obvious as Haali.

  27. Oppo4Sale says :

    Hi I followed everything accordingly, it seems madVR presents me with different processing — deinterlacing options, but otherwhise I have an anime that still has issues and is mad skipping and spiking my cpu usage to the top (corei7 2600K at 4.6ghz)

    Otherwhise everything else seems good. Any idea on whats up with the anime? (Its Kaiji Season 2 720p Nutbladder release, episode 18-26 in .mkv 10bit)

    • AzureHakua says :

      If you’re telling me that only “Kaiji Season 2 720p Nutbladder release, episode 18-26 in .mkv 10bit” doesn’t work, then I’m gonna say that either there is something wrong with the release, or your files are corrupt. Have you checked the CRC for those episodes?

  28. yeller says :

    This might be a dumb question, but… my LAV Video Decoder settings are slightly different than the screenshot you have…

    Should I just check them all, including the YV24 and AYUV next to 4:4:4 under 8-bit?

  29. LeftAlive says :

    Hey, I loved your set up instructions and have been using it for quite a few months now. I sincerely and expressly thank you for the VSFilter instructions.

    The problem though is that just a few days ago, while trying to switch drivers, cuz Win’s stock drivers suck, I magically managed to ass rape my OS drive. I was able to salvage everything (I was retarded and just DLing crap to the SSD drive to then transfer to their permanent location, but somehow managed to add up about 300+ GB of anime into the SSD drive which was only supposed to be for OS & apps), but anyway, after the salvage now I have to reinstall my apps, cuz the registry was purged and after driver & OS reinstall, I can’t just transfer shit back, cuz registries are retarded like that. :P

    Before I digress any further, I now am at the Xy-Filter install, but the latest version,, has not only the 7zip file but also an installer file. If I use the installer, do I have to go through the steps in cmd prompt to activate/register the module or is it like any other install exe where it’s all done in one shot?

    • AzureHakua says :

      I would redo it with cmd. Just to be sure. It’s not gonna hurt.

      • LeftAlive says :

        Just outta curiosity, you say to put it in WOW64, but the VS people specifically say to not put in WOW or Sys32, but to put it in X86, uhm is there some reason I should move it? I mean I’d have to deactivate it in x86 and then move and cmd it in WOW64.

        Here, right under the “Install header”:

    • AzureHakua says :

      Like I said at the intro to this post, it’s just the way I was told to do. I don’t know the exact details. I’ve been using this setup for the past year, so I can assure you that there are no problems.

  30. tycoonajv says :

    on step 8 C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32.exe “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\VSFilter.dll” but I don’t have SysWOW64. then I tried it on copy and paste on my syetem32 and made the command prompt look like C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32.exe “C:\Windows\system32\VSFilter.dll” it works but i don’t know if there side there?

    • AzureHakua says :

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. Perhaps you could clarify and/or use images.

      Did you make sure to open cmd as administrator?

      • pathosoftruth says :

        Sounds like tycoonajv isn’t running x64. If you’re running x86, you’ll never have a SysWOW64 folder.

  31. danuchiha99 says :

    What scaling algorithm do you recommend now, that madvr v0.84 is out?

  32. Nii-chan says :

    Great tutorial, I’m currently using an old notebook, and it works just fine. Thanks!

  33. Jason says :

    Do you think this would work with windows 8? I just got a new laptop a day ago and was wondering if it would work. :P Thank you.

  34. Ko says :

    I was using an older variant of this and decided to upgrade. Followed this to the letter and now all 10bit files are completely unplayable. I tried uninstalling everything but the problem still persists. Something here (or most likely something I did wrong) has completely broken any kind of 10bit playback. I just get a blank screen and no sound. With a vanilla MPC-HC 10 bit files open fine (though with crappy framerate and playback) but as soon as I try the filters/madVR again I get nothing. Very frustrating.

    • Ko says :

      Scratch that, I neglected to reset the settings on all the filters. Works fine now.

      • aaaaaaa says :

        How about some fucking clarification on this

      • AzureHakua says :

        How about not swearing for no reason?

        He neglected to reset the settings on all of the filters. It’s written in the guide, so just scroll up an read the sections on Internal Filters and External Filters.

  35. VT says :

    Seems the video on all transport stream files stutter. I played around with the settings to no avail. Anything else to try? Thanks.

  36. Cyru says :

    Do I really need directvobsub ?. Default MPC-HC subtitles look a lot better IMO.

  37. Ryu says :

    Awesome guide thanks,I had problem with subs but I fixed it after following this guide.

  38. Renz says :

    I did everything after several tries, it gaddam works! Thank you!!! :)

  39. Anon says :

    So I followed the guide (though I used the newest versions), unlike Ko I unchecked all the filters while installing (as said in the guide) yet only 8bit will play properly, while 10bit is eternally paused.

    Are the newest versions incompatible with one another or do you have any other idea why this wont work? Using W7 64, 12 gb RAM, i7 and Geforce 550M so pretty decent-specced.

    • AzureHakua says :

      This guide may be outdated, but I do update everything on my computer every now and then, and it’s working fine.

      Did you make sure to follow everything exactly? Remember, you need MPC x86 (not 64-bit) and such.

      You also need to make sure you don’t have any other interfering codec packs.

  40. brecmadak says :

    hello AzureHakua, how is it compared to Pot player ? Actually I’m more into less vivid/more natural colours when watching movies always any time, so please if u have ever experienced comparing the two, consider my thought.

    Also do you think to update this guide in near ?

  41. dryacil says :

    Thanks, that guide works for me, but is there a way to stop the lags? I’ve got lagging screen by playing 10bit mkvs. Trying “force” vsync in the nvidia settings doesn’t solve the problem. (However, that guide was quite helpful. Subs flash randomly no more, could be the setting “auto-loading subtitles” that causes it.)

  42. yooooo says :

    Thanks for the guide, everything looks sweet but I seem to have this problem where the title captions don’t disappear completely. Is there a solution to this?

    pic ref:

  43. RN says :

    Thank you, this saved my day even in 2014!

    I had problems with subtitles, and at the end I decided to give madVR a try – It worked! I am quite sure the subtitles started working as I configured the player as instructed, but hey, I got madVR as well! Life is good.

  44. BrecMadak says :

    my post was ignored, so here it is again;
    “brecmadak says : August 20, 2013 at 06:16

    hello AzureHakua, how is it compared to Pot player ? Actually I’m more into less vivid/more natural colours when watching movies always any time, so please if u have ever experienced comparing the two, consider my thought.

    Also do you think to update this guide in near ?”

  45. Vasilis Katerini says :

    When I try to play a 1080p movie on my laptop the video is lagging a lot. That stops happening when I change the setting right click->video frame->”touch window from the inside” to “normal size” but I miss the edges of the video because my screen is 15.6 laptop screen.

    Note that doesn’t happen when I play a 720p movie. Format is MP4.

    Any ideas?

  46. basilsim says :

    Thanks for the help!
    it would be nice to have an update of that build
    Also if there are improvements we would like to know :)
    If it exist please post it down the title for us to know thanks again

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