Backstage – Nisemonogatari Episode 4

I’m a little bored and I haven’t posted anything in while, so here’s some random stuff that happened while my group, Shini-subs, was trying to release episode 4.

This helps me keep track of logs too:

[15:12] <&AzureHakua> Tadaima
[15:16] <&AzureHakua> Starting on Nise now
[15:18] <&Calyrica> awesome!
[15:18] <&Calyrica> I’ll QC like… waaaaay later
[15:18] * Aoto|Away is now known as Aoto
[15:18] <&AzureHakua> lol
[15:18] <&AzureHakua> okay’
[15:18] <&AzureHakua> It might take a while for me
[15:19] <&AzureHakua> I’m gonna do line combinations

But… I didn’t actually start until a little later… Meanwhile…

[16:05] <&SoupRKnowva> hey auzre
[16:05] <&SoupRKnowva> *azure
[16:05] <&SoupRKnowva> did you read D_S’s posts about ohayocon???
[16:05] <&AzureHakua> Not yet
[16:05] <&AzureHakua> let me swing by
[16:06] <&SoupRKnowva> lol some of the hentai we watched was so fucking ridiculous
[16:06] <&AzureHakua> >Soup’s a faggot and doesn’t appreciate 16-year-old girls.
[16:06] <&AzureHakua> LAWWWWL
[16:07] <&SoupRKnowva> dude, there were so many adorable highschool girls

And they said Shini was the only lolicon…

[16:23] <&Mugi-chan> and im home
[16:23] <&Mugi-chan> is Nise ready for me yet?
[16:23] <&AzureHakua> not yet
[16:23] <&AzureHakua> Soup distracted me
[16:23] <&AzureHakua> I only just got home anyway
[16:23] <&Mugi-chan> lol, with High school girls probably
[16:23] <&Mugi-chan> xD

Shoot! I procrastinated too much. Home for an hour, and I haven’t even started…

[16:37] <&AzureHakua> Wtf
[16:37] <&AzureHakua> “Tsubasa-san!Hanekawa-san!”
[16:37] <&AzureHakua> Who’s idea was this!?
[16:37] <&AzureHakua> >Two different people talking
[16:37] <&AzureHakua> >One Line
[16:37] <&SoupRKnowva> lol
[16:37] <&AzureHakua> >Not even a space
[16:37] <&Mugi-chan> fix a vous
[16:37] <&Mugi-chan> xD

And thus the editing begins…

[18:37] <&Calyrica> Azure, done with edit?
[18:38] <&AzureHakua> I just got back from dinner
[18:38] <&AzureHakua> lol
[18:38] <&AzureHakua> So not yet
[18:38] <&Calyrica> okay

I’m not getting distracted at all…

[18:40] <&SoupRKnowva> mugi, what trims did you yse btw?
[18:41] <&SoupRKnowva> just in case i get the gumption to encode tonight
[18:41] <&Calyrica> …gumption?
[18:42] <&Calyrica> how old are you, Soup?
[18:42] <&SoupRKnowva> lol 23.6?
[18:42] <&SoupRKnowva> :P
[18:42] <&SamRavster> Saying it that way.
[18:42] <&SamRavster> Just knocked 20 years off your age.

The real reason Soup likes high school girls is because he’s actually 3.6 years old.

[20:12] <&AzureHakua> Phew
[20:12] <&Calyrica> awesomes
[20:12] <&AzureHakua> That took forever and ever
[20:12] <&Calyrica> I’ll do it right now
[20:12] <&AzureHakua> I combined 160 lines
[20:12] <&AzureHakua> the script is now like 420?
[20:12] <&AzureHakua> God
[20:12] <&AzureHakua> It tooks forever
[20:12] <&Calyrica> wow
[20:12] <&AzureHakua> Dang
[20:13] <&AzureHakua> 447 lines
[20:13] * &Mugi-chan (~Mugi@Portable.Mugi) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:13] <&AzureHakua> Welp, it’s still 54 lines shorter than it was previously
[20:13] <&AzureHakua> Also
[20:13] <&AzureHakua> Shinobu

It only took 4 hours… xP Hey, line combining took me a long time! :/

[20:21] <&Calyrica> Azure
[20:21] <&Calyrica> you forgot to change a “Mom” to “Mum” :-P
[20:21] <&AzureHakua> Shini doesn’t like mum
[20:21] <&AzureHakua> So I never change it
[20:21] <&SamRavster> ?!
[20:21] <&SamRavster> No way.
[20:21] <&Calyrica> but we’re British
[20:21] <&SamRavster> He’s..
[20:21] <&SamRavster> it’s…
[20:21] <&SamRavster> no.
[20:21] <&SamRavster> It’s always Mum.
[20:21] <&Mugi-chan> yeah……thats…….just bad
[20:21] <&AzureHakua> Shini said that to me lol
[20:21] <&SamRavster> It’s not.
[20:21] <&Mugi-chan> yes it is
[20:21] <&Calyrica> we can’t ass the British thing
[20:21] <&SamRavster> It is Mum here, Shini.
[20:21] * ~Shinisaki|BNC (~Shini@The.Angel.of.Light.and.Life) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:21] <&Calyrica> *half-ass
[20:21] <&Mugi-chan> i know it is
[20:21] * &Mikan|Server (~Mikan@Shini.Subs.Server) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:22] <&SamRavster> On every card.
[20:22] <&SamRavster> On every letter.
[20:22] <&Mugi-chan> but…….fuck that
[20:22] <&SamRavster> It’s Mum.
[20:22] <&Calyrica> Shini, you lost
[20:22] <&Calyrica> it’s Mum
[20:22] <&AzureHakua> LOL
[20:22] <&Calyrica> Even I agree
[20:22] <&Mugi-chan> no
[20:22] <&Mugi-chan> Mother
[20:22] <&Mugi-chan> yes
[20:22] <&Mugi-chan> Mum
[20:22] <&SamRavster> You can’t have it both ways.
[20:25] <&Mugi-chan> ok
[20:25] <&Mugi-chan> fine
[20:25] <&Mugi-chan> use whatever

Everyone gangs up on Shini.

After that, there was a discussion about “doughnut” vs. “donut”, not because of how it’s supposed to be spelled, but we had problems because of “Mister Donut.” Finally, we got around to releasing episode 4 the following day.

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